What's up? Again, thanks for checking my site out. I'm Matt Williams, a multifaceted designer based in Philly. I've been doing this thing for about 10 years now. Things you should know about me...

  • White shirt, blue jeans
  • Sunglasses in shirt
  • Smiling at a computer
  • Extreme lighting
  • America's next top model /s
Matt Williams
My beliefs:
Morality and ethics above riches
The tech world needs regulation
I hate statements starting with, "As a designer I..."
People care too much for titles
I should travel and practice my hobbies more
Current working on:
Perfect.gg - paused

A community of gaming perfectionists to find and share beautiful gaming equipment

Petswag - active

E-commerce platform for pets

Just Solitaire - paused

No fuss, no muss, straight up, beautifully designed mobile game. Just solitaire

Work experience:
Skyscraper Solutions
Every Merchant
Awesome folks I've worked with:
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
US Department of Energy
United States Army Corps of Engineers
Philadelphia Gas Works
Philadelphia Water Department
Boston Public Library
Asian Development Bank
World Bank
New York City Parks